[PS4] Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review

by Tracey

Castle Invasion: Throne Out is a fun and cheerful tower defense games. The game focuses on giving players a fast-paced arcade-style experience on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. This is the perfect title for those who are new to the tower defense genre. Come read our Castle Invasion: Throne Out review to learn more about the game!

You play as a nameless hero who has bought himself his very own castle. Unfortunately, the King comes along before he gets a chance to settle in and demands the castle for himself. Turns out the King is very greedy and only thinks of himself, and he is not about to let the castle go without a fight. That means our nameless protagonist will have to pick up a bow and fight wave after wave of the King’s army – a bunch of misfits who are up to no good!

Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review - 3

And even though the setup is fun, you’re probably wondering, does the gameplay also deliver? Castle Invasion: Throne Out has a total of 50 levels, each giving you three challenges to complete. And you will receive a star for each challenge you manage to best. In between levels, you will see a few cute and funny cutscenes which introduce you to new enemies and move the story along.

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Also, Castle Invasion: Throne Out offers five bosses, and you won’t have any trouble with them. If for some reason you are defeated you don’t need to worry as you can quickly try again. The boss battles help to break up the game’s usual pace and give the game some much-needed variety.

And speaking of variety, you’ll also run into night levels that mix things up. For these you need to shoot arrows to at torches to light them up so that you can see your enemies. There’s also weapon upgrades to purchase so that you can always stay one step ahead of the King’s army.

Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review - Night

Furthermore, beating the game and all of its challenges will earn you a grand total of 150 stars. On top of that, you’ll get 100% all trophies. This means that none of the trophies are missable, which is always great! You’re probably looking at around 4-5 hours at most to get them all.

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And how does the game look? The game plays great on the PS Vita, it is bright and vibrant. As you can imagine, the PS4 has the better edge on the graphics side of things, but that was to be expected. Apart from the obvious graphical differences, gameplay is identical, and both versions have a shared trophy list since this is a cross-buy release.

Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review - 2

I hope Cat Trap Studios continues to make more games for Sony platforms since I had a lot of fun playing their latest offering for my Castle Invasion: Throne Out review.

This Castle Invasion: Throne Out review is based on a PS cross-buy copy provided by Cat Trap Studios

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