[PS4] A Bastard’s Tale Review

by Tracey

A Bastard’s Tale from No Pest Productions is a game that won’t appeal to the masses- It is a release solely aimed at expert players. Is this one you should play on your PlayStation 4? Come read our A Bastard’s Tale review to find out!

I was pleasantly surprised by the game’s polished graphics and its music. And then its gameplay mechanics hit me hard. There’s hardly any story or background on what is going on, and you won’t have much time to learn about what you need to do, so you’ll need to learn from your mistakes.

The game is, in essence, an 8-Bit sidescrolling fighting game. You play as a nameless Knight in full armor with a typical sword that you would see a Knight wield into battle. An exceptionally long sword. Due to its size, it seems the sword is just too heavy for the poor guy.

A Bastard's Tale Review - 1

The game is all about hitting things with a sword. Sounds simple, right? Except that hitting your enemies requires very precise timing. You will have to parry attacks as well roll back if needed to avoid your enemy’s flurry of attacks. Once you have an opening, you attack with all of your might as you aim to deal massive damage to kill your opponent before it’s too late.

You will walk slowly through the pretty backdrops, fighting anything that is coming towards you. There is no objectives or an explanation as to why you are killing innocent farmers, cows and more. Yes, you read that right. Cows.

A Bastard's Tale Review - 2

This is a very hard game, just like the developer wanted! You’ll die a lot in the game, and there is even a death counter to keep a tally of your mistakes. Trial and error at its finest! This is certainly a game for the hardcore crowd since casuals will probably be overwhelmed and frustrated after 20 minutes of the game.

Parrying in this game is an art and a bit of a pain since you have to really time it right in order to get a successful move to parry a hit. Miss the window of opportunity, and you’ll suffer. Three hits are usually all it takes to kill you since you lose a large chunk of health with every hit.

The game is short and features five levels in total. If at any point you end up dead, you are sent back to the start. Can you complete the game and unlock all of its trophies? Are you good enough to get all ten trophies? This set is one of the hardest on PlayStation 4, so you’ll certainly be playing for a while!

A Bastard's Tale Review - 3

If you’re looking for a challenging game that pretty much demands perfection, then this is the one you need. After reading this A Bastard’s Tale review you have a good idea of what to expect from the game, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

This A Bastard’s Tale Review is based on a PS4 copy provided by No Pest Productions.

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