Come Check Out The Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass Trailer!

by EdEN, Owner

Ubisoft got in touch with us to share some details about the Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass that will be made available for purchase for $39.99. You can also get the Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass as part of the Gold Edition of the game. Check out the trailer below to see what your extra money will get you. For your convenience, we are also providing you with a list of each of the four DLC packs.

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As you can see, the season pass will include the following:

DLC 1 – T-Bone Content Bundle:
Players will get the style and the swagger of legendary hacker Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney with his truck and outfit and discover Mayhem, a new co-op difficulty level that will pit players against a new enemy archetype armed with advanced weaponry. (Available December 13th for PlayStation 4)

DLC 2 – Human Conditions:
Through several hours of additional mission content in three new world stories, players will uncover San Francisco’s biggest scandals on the cutting edge of science, medicine and misuse. In Human Conditions, players will also experience new elite co-op missions and face a new enemy type: Jammer, with the technology to hunt players down. (Available Spring 2017)

DLC 3 – No Compromise:
Players will experience an all-new world story which mixes Marcus up in the seedy underbelly of San Francisco and puts him in the crosshairs of the Russian mafia. Also includes a new co-op mode: Showd0wn, where only the best players will get to survive. (Available Spring 2017)

Psychedelic Pack:
Customize Marcus’s outfit, weapon, drone and car in the grooviest style. (Available on Day One)
Root Access Bundle: Includes full sets of outfits, new cars, a drone skin and a new weapon, as well as the Zodiac Killer mission. (Available this Winter)

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