[Review Revisited] The Bridge

by the_nmac

You ever get lost in the stairways of an M.C Esher painting? Do you want to try that in a game? The Bridge will push your perception of reality while you navigate these logic puzzles to the very end of the world. Intrigued? Then come read our The Bridge review!

The Bridge is a puzzle game that has you bending reality and challenging your perception of the world and how to traverse it. Navigating the world can be interesting, but the key premise to the game is actually rotating the world entirely using the shoulder buttons. Spinning the world can change it for traversal, making it completely different. You will use this mechanic in weird ways, think outside the box.

Part of what makes this game so interesting is the art style, which is why I’ve gone back to it a few times. It uses black and white M.C. Esher inspired art to create a very cool world, with a mysterious house and hub from where you travel to the different puzzles… and from where reality starts to break. It’s really cool and one of the most visually inspired games I have ever seen!


The game technically isn’t long, but if you find the puzzles challenging enough, then it will keep you going for a bit. With most shorter games it’s about the journey though and not the destination. Give this game a try, and I am sure you will enjoy it!

Check out my review of The Bridge here.


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