[Review Revisited] Gone Home: Console Edition

by Ceidz, Owner

Gone Home: Console Edition is part of what we have now started to call the “walking simulator” genre – basically the full 3D evolution of a point-and-click game. You’re back home after being on vacation for a year, and as you get return you’re expecting to see your family… but the house is empty. Where could everyone be?

The game’s creepy, gloomy rooms will keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole campaign (which lasts around two hours, which is certainly great)! You’ll be glued to your controller from start to finish in this great looking and interesting PlayStation 4 release.

It’s hard to review the game while keeping this post spoiler-free, because the more you read and learn about the story before playing this experience, the less you’ll be able to enjoy the game. You’ll need to play this one and discover the story on your own – and trust me, you’re going to love it!

Do yourself a favor and try Gone Home: Console Edition – you won’t regret it! Some of you might even be able to play it for free since it was a PlayStation Plus PlayStation 4 game, so as long as you added it to your collection, it could right now be waiting for you to download it.


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