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If you ever wondered what Tetris could be like in virtual reality, SUPERHYPERCUBE is the answer. Developed by kokoromi and published by Polytron for PS VR, this is a neon stylized puzzle game that is easy to learn, but hard to master. It has all the qualities of a great puzzle game: Intuitive, simple to learn mechanics. It can be played in short sessions. It is highly addictive, providing that “just one more game” feeling. It’s challenging and makes you feel proud when you beat your high score. The more you play the game, the better you will become. Interested so far? Check our full SUPERHYPERCUBE review to learn more about this title!


In SUPERHYPERCUBE, a cluster of cubes is floating in front of you. Not far in the background, a wall with a hole in the middle is slowly coming toward you. You must quickly find the correct orientation for the cluster to make it fit in the hole.

That’s simple enough! Look at the hole, rotate the cluster, go through the wall, repeat.

Well, it’s easier said than done! Things can quickly get out of hand. Since the cluster is right in front of you, you need to lean in so that you can peak behind it and see the shape of the hole. When doing so, you are looking at the cluster at a different angle which can make judging if it’s in the correct orientation more difficult. You need to look at that 3D cluster and figure out what it looks like as a flat 2D image. Certain angles can give the illusion that the cluster shape is in the correct orientation when it’s not. This illusion reminds me of the Jastrow illusion and other optical illusions I played with back in the day as a kid.


I find it’s easier to go back and forth between leaning around to view the shape of the hole to sitting back upright to get the cluster in a good perspective and finding the right orientation.

When starting a new game, the cluster consists of only one cube. Each time you manage to pass a wall, new cubes are randomly added based on the level you reached, the number of rotations you made and how quickly you crossed the wall, among other factors. You get points equal to the number of cubes in the cluster when you pass a wall, so the bigger the cluster, the bigger your payoff.

Each level consists of 10 walls with the last wall in the level being a boss wall. The boss wall rotates or flips each couple of seconds, so you need to correctly time the moment to send the cluster flying through the wall – you can press the X button to do so. This action is pretty similar to how in Tetris you hold down to make the Tetriminos fall faster.


The difficulty of the puzzles escalates fairly quickly. Fortunately, the game does offer some small help in the form of extra lives earned by reaching certain point thresholds. It also gives you access to power-ups! When you pass a wall using the X button, you will slightly charge Hyperfocus, the first power-up, which allows you to stop time for a brief moment. This is very useful when you need some extra time to find how a cluster needs to be set. Once the Hyperfocus power-up is completely charged you will then start charging the bomb, which allows to blow up the incoming wall. That’s right. Boom!


When you lose a life, you won’t get points for going through the wall and the cubes that didn’t fit in the hole will break apart from the cluster. Eventually, you will end up crashing and losing your last life – the game will then highlight your score. This is the main and only mode in SUPERHYPERCUBE, and it is my only complain about the game. I would have like to see other game modes using the same main mechanic. For example, how about a mode where the cubes are added in predefined positions to the cluster? That way you can memorize part of the equation!


The gameplay makes it perfect for short play sessions. It can give you a bit of a break between the other more experiential titles available currently on the platform.

The visuals are a great fit for VR. The simple graphics make it easier to focus on the gameplay. This doesn’t mean the game isn’t good to look at. On the contrary, it is really gorgeous in motion! The music and sound effects also add a lot to the experience. They are a great complement to the visuals, making this a complete audiovisual package.


Sure, the game could exist without VR, but it wouldn’t have the same impact. The game would need to find a way to show the hole behind the cluster. Having to peak around the cluster and analyze the 3D object floating in front of you in different perspectives is what, in my opinion, makes the game so fun.

Being in VR, I braced myself on multiple occasions after pressing X in anticipation of the cluster crashing into the wall. Playing on a regular screen, I wouldn’t feel the thrill of thinking that I would crash into the wall! Hopefully my SUPERHYPERCUBE review has shown you if this is a game you should add to your PS VR collection (you should!).

Have you played the game already? What did you think of your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

Cost: $29.99
PS VR Game size: 215MB

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