[PS4] Pure Hold’em: Undead Card Deck Review And Thoughts

by the_nmac

Run away from an undead nightmare while chasing the river… and hopefully that Straight Flush. Check out our Pure Hold’em: Undead Card Deck DLC review and thoughts right here!

Pure Hold’em: Undead Card Deck Giveaway

Play a few hands with the zombie set & watch your opponents run away in fear.

I had the opportunity to review Pure Hold’em World Poker Championship on PS3blog.net when it was still known only as Pure Hold’em.

Overall my thoughts on the game were as follows: “This is a really strong digital poker game. The game plays well and is fun. I liked playing against real opponents as they added levels of complexity you don’t quite get from the A.I. The graphics are great and really help to immerse you into this world. At the end of the day, it really comes down to playing the right hands and collecting those hard to get chips, which this game has managed to do perfectly.”

Well Ripstone hit us up with their new deck just in time for Halloween: the Undead Card Deck! Overall I thought the cards were really good with this new undead look to them, especially the face cards as they have Zombie arms on them. The style of the numbers changed dramatically as well. Really good deck of cards and it added to my Halloween experience.

I would have liked to see them take it one step further, though, maybe making the entire table Zombie themed, from the chips, the felt, to even to the other players. Imagine having brains on the chips and zombie avatars fighting over them on a table that has felt that is peeling away – looking older and very worn.

I know it would have been a bit more work, but Ripstone has been known for making some really good looking games – including Pure Chess and Pure Pool (which I still go back to and play every now and then!).


At the end of the day, this is a purely cosmetic piece of DLC – It does not change the game or how it is played. If you like zombies, then this is probably one you’ll add to your Pure Hold’em collection. I liked the cards since they’re perfect for late Halloween matches!


This Pure Hold’em: Undead Card Deck review and thoughts post is based on a PS4 copy provided by Ripstone LTD.

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