[PS4] Metrico+ Review

by Tracey

Metrico originally released as a PS Vita exclusive way back in 2014. Digital Dreams have now revised the controls set up and ported the game to the PS4 as Metrico+. The game has also been updated to include new content that was not available in the original release. Come read our Metrico+ review to se why this is a must-have PS4 release!

Metrico+ is an indie puzzle/platformer based on mathematics, charts, and numbers. It is very clever and highly original, but you do not need any mathematical skills to play the game – all you need is a great love for indie titles such as this! But don’t think for a minute that the stripped down look and simple controls make the puzzles any easier. The puzzles still require you to think outside the box here and there to find the right solution for each situation.

Metrico+ Review - 1

Sure, to some degree the game might sorta look to some as if it was a bizarre business presentation instead of a game, with all the numbers and percentages it displays on the screen, but rest assured this is a very entertaining puzzle/platformer!

The ultimate goal of each level in Metrico+ is simple: to reach the end of the level so that you can start the next one. It sounds very simple, but along the way, you’ll learn new skills and the puzzles will slowly start to increase in difficulty.

Metrico+ Review - 3

For instance, every move you make or every jump you take can have an impact on the platforms in a level, making it move up, down, left or right, and if you’re not careful, you’ll lock yourself out being able to reach the solution of a puzzle. Timing is very important in Metrico+, and what I mention in this paragraph is only the tip of the iceberg!

Metrico+ Review - 4

Metrico+ is the sort of game that you will either love or hate. The game requires a lot of patience as well as some trial and error. And if you want to get every trophy in the game you’ll need to be twice as patient and examine every puzzle for the perfect solution. You’ll also be tasked with completing levels by adhering to some extra restrictions – for example, one requires that you do not jump more than X number of times in a level – if you want to add every trophy in the game to your collection.

Metrico+ Review - 6

The PS4 version is certainly much better than the Vita version – for me, the tilt functionality in particular just didn’t feel right on Sony’s portable. Thanks to the DualShock 4, the controls are flawless. All in all you’re looking at around eight hours or so to complete all levels in the game, and several extra hours on top of that if you want to get every single trophy, including its coveted Platinum. I greatly enjoyed my time with the game for my Metrico+ review, and I look forward to going back to it to complete the pending challenges I have as I work towards the Platinum trophy!

This Metrico+ review is based on a PS4 copy of the game provided by Digital Dreams.

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