[PS4] Alone With You Review

by Tracey

Alone With You is a point and click story-driven adventure game set in space. You’re all alone and must interact with a hostile world. If that grabbed your attention, be sure to read our Alone With You review to learn more about this excellent release!

The game spans about three weeks of in-game time, giving you an entire day at a time that lasts roughly about 15 mins. If you have enjoyed Home, Benjamin’s River’s previous release, then you will certainly enjoy this new game.

This time around, Alone With You is a game that plays on themes of loneliness and romance, all in an outer space setting. You are the sole survivor of a space program designed to colonize a planet. As you can imagine, things went horribly wrong, so you’re left with an AI computer for company and holographic recreations of dead colonists. The holograms, despite not being real, have taken the lives of the dead colonists as their own.

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Can a projection that looks real actually become a sentient and living person despite only being a hologram without all the qualities of a living and breathing human being? Do they have the ability to display and feel emotions and be self-aware? Can a holographic projection be considered, even without physical form, to be truly alive?

The game has many outcomes and multiple choice dialogue, so you can certainly explore different paths and experience different outcomes as you go. Having several endings and sections is great for replayability, and you can tailor your experience to your own gaming personality.

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The holographic individuals in the holo sim-chamber will learn from you on the correct way to behave so, in a sense, you become sort of like a teacher to them. Without giving too much away, you will be making decisions that affect them, and that will also affect you. As I said earlier you can play the game to see different outcomes, so by changing dialogue options with each playthrough, you will experience new conversations and new paths.

You will be visiting locations in a very hostile alien world, looking for things to get your ship back up and running. There is also a lot of fun exploring as you locate interesting collectibles, such as books. When you see a black box in the bottom of the corner of your screen, you can press the R2 button to reveal what you found. Along with books, you’ll also find notes and other objects of interest, so searching everywhere is highly advised. The more you interact with things you discover, the more topics you can talk about with the holographic individuals.

Alone With You Review - 3

Sure, you will probably complete the game once in a single day or two, but if you want to experience all endings and see everything the game as to offer, your total time with Alone With You will greatly increase. The game includes a full count with a Platinum trophy, so if you want to add that one to your collection, you’ll need to invest 12+ hours into the game!

As you can tell by now, I greatly enjoyed my time with the game and plan to go back to it now that my Alone With You review has been completed. The attention to detail, great characters and fun gameplay mechanics make this a must-have game for your collection.

This Alone With You review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Benjamin Rivers.

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