New Flash Sale Is Now Live!

by EdEN, Owner

Are you ready to save big on a ton of games and movies? Then the new Flash Sale is just what you need! You can visit the PSN store right now to save big on many great games and movies. How much can you save? This Flash sale offers discounts of up to 70% from their original price! You can get great games such as God Eater: Resurrection, The Wolf Among Us, The Order: 1886, Banner Saga, Child of Light, Life Goes On: Done To Death, Nanno Assault Neo-X, Shadow Complex Remastered and many more!

You can check the full list by clicking right here.

I took advantage of this one and got Arcade Archives Mat Mania, Arcade Archives NOVA2001, the Arcade Game Series 3-1 Bundle and The Last Blade 2. I ended up spending $15 on six games, and The Last Blade 2 is actually cross-buy so I got the game for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita!

If you want to save on movies as well, there’s plenty to choose from. From 12 Monkeys and American History X to more lighthearted content such as 21 Jump Street and Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back.

Anything in this Flash Sale grab your eye? What did you buy? How much did you end up spending this time? Let us know in the comments below!

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