How to Achieve The Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors Platinum Trophy and Avoid Locking Yourself From It!

by Ceidz, Owner

I LOVED playing Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors (as you can tell from our double review of this Japanese RPG), and just got its Platinum Trophy! I noticed that it might be possible to lock yourself from achieving it, so here’s a small relatively spoiler-free guide on how to achieve it in a single run!

Let’s start with the easy part in which you can’t fail: reaching the final boss (yep, that far!). None of the trophies are missable up to this point, and you’ll achieve most of the trophies naturally either through the storyline or by motivating the girls. Speaking of which, I strongly suggest you finish each Motivation “level” for each girl before tackling the level boss – this will net you some trophies and will unlock some very useful skills for the characters, which will definitively help you in the boss fights!

Now onto the part which you could miss and need a second run for (incoming mild spoilers about the endings): once the final boss is defeated, you’ll have to select one of the girls to send back home, and this will award you her normal ending trophy. You will have to go through the final boss seven more times (once to select each of the girls, and another one for the last option of the list).

This is where you want to be careful.
I strongly suggest you have different save files at this moment, and to achieve each of the girls “normal” endings before selecting the last option which is something in the lines of “Wait, we aren’t done here.” After selecting this option, the last boss will be “locked out” from this save file (hence why I suggest having more than one save file just in case!), and you won’t be able to fight it again in order to achieve the other girls’ “normal” endings if you didn’t do all of them already.

Once said last option is selected, the secret dungeon will unlock. After that, you have to beat the secret really final boss eight more times (which took me a little less than four hours in total to achieve) to unlock the Platinum Trophy – once for each of the seven girls of your team, and then for the last option. At this point, you can select them in the order you want as it doesn’t matter.

I hope this little guide will help you get Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors’s Platinum Trophy in a single run! I achieved it in around 28 hours, and it was a blast!

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors Review - 3

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