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I have already reviewed THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV right here at PS4blog.net, but since the online portion of the game was not completely populated yet I decided to delay my review for its online matches. Since only reviewers had a copy of the game, and all of us getting together to play online at the same time was far from ideal, I think this was the best option. Come check out part two of our THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV review!

Before you take part of the arcade fighting fun in the online portion of THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV, you’ll need to register a team of three fighters, a single character, and a stage. This will be saved to your online profile to speed things up. After taking care of that, you can select between several options.

First up is Ranked Match where the outcome of the fight will have an impact on your rank – your score will be recorded and displayed in the leaderboard. Next, we have Free Match where you can play in versus fights without having to worry about your ranking being affected – up to 12 players can be in a single room. Another option is Online Training where you can create a room for two players and practice your technique and skills. Online Replay will be the section to visit if you want to review plays shared by other gamers.

The King of Figthers XIV Review - 2

Online Profile is where you go if you want to view and edit your profile or check the online profile of your friends, and to register another team and another character for online play. Then there’s the Fighting list where the records and results of your online battles will be kept so that you can see how you’re doing. The Leaderboard will give you a glimpse of the rankings per region, per character, for all characters, for the month, and so on. It’s a very robust option that will show you how good you really are. The final area is called Live, and it allows you to connect to watch streaming gameplay for the game.

The King of Figthers XIV Review - 3

For Ranked Match there’s an extra option that allows you to take a crack at Rank skip mode (which the game mentions is for advanced players). Depending on the number of wins you get over ten matches, you’ll be given a Rank that goes from 1 to 21. You can then search for players depending on the connection speed, the match completion rate, and their region, allowing you to find the perfect match.

The King of Figthers XIV Review - 4

For Free Match you can select between Team Vs., Single Vs., or Party Vs. Team Vs. is the classic 3-on-3 fights we’ve grown used to. Single Vs., as expected, are 1-on-1 fights. Party Vs. allows six people to fight online in a 3-on-3 match where each player controls one fighter. You can search for a room or create your own and set the length of each round, the number of players in the room, if replays can be shared, and more.

It took me a minute to find my first online match, and after selecting my character order, I was ready to fight after a few seconds. Other than some small lag at the start of the match, my experience was great, but your mileage may vary depending on your connection setup and how hard the servers are being hit. I’ve continued to play dozens of online matches in the game, and I do consider the online side of things has seen massive improvements over the online matches for THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII.

The King of Figthers XIV Review - 5

I’m loving my time with the game, and this is one I’ll definitely continue to play for the rest of the year. I’ve been playing the series since the first game, and while I do miss the gorgeous look of THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII, I do understand why the changes had to be made for us to get this excellent sequel.

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