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by Tracey

Kitfox Games took Moon Hunters to Kickstarter in September 2014 with a base goal of $45,000, along with the support of Square Enix Collective. This helped them to greatly exceed their goal and smash quite a few stretch goals which included console ports and extra content such as the Sun Cultist the character. Is this a PS4 game you have to play? Read our Moon Hunters review to find out!

Tanya and Kitfox Games have created a game that is truly unique. Moon Hunters is an RPG with a lot a personality and traits system. The Moon Goddess has disappeared, and you are given only five days to roam the lands of Issaria in search of her and bring her back home safe and sound. You will definitely not find her on your first playthrough as it will take you a good few tries, but if you stick with it, you will find her eventually.

At the end of each playthrough, you are awarded a constellation based on how you completed the game. That’s right, you’ll need to play the game from start to finish several times to see what the game has to offer! Why? Because the world of Issaria is randomly generated, so every game you play is different, and the outcome is also different depending how you play and what choices you make. With each playthrough a little bit more of the story opens up.

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On top of this, Moon Hunters also has some lite roguelike elements. When you die, you will lose an entire day, and you will find yourself back in a camp, and you will also lose all your opals – these serve as currency in the game and look like pale blue crystals. Since the game has multiple endings depending how you play it, and since you have to do multiple playthroughs to see it all, you’ll be happy to learn that the story you played in your previous game will carry over, as do any recipes you create.

Moon Hunters is full of charm. It has great graphics, and oyu can tell the team have put a lot of time and effort into crafting this little gem. The game may be a bit on the short side with one playthrough lasting around an hour or so depending if you survive the whole five days or not. If you die even just once, that will shorten the game length. But despite the length for “one run”, Moon Hunters really packs a punch and is full of content, with more to come in paid and free updates. There are multiple locations to visit, and you can continue to improve your characters by buying new skills from merchants with the opals you have collected.

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One of the main things that will draw players back into the world of Issaria is the story – the fact that it carries over into subsequent playthroughs is an excellent mechanic. There’s also multiple endings, 43 constellations to discover and 94 recipes to find ingredients for, so you will not get bored easily. More importantly, Moon Hunters is very accessible, and anyone can play it and see how their own personality test fares, and even play in co-op locally of course. So if you have some buddies and three spare controllers, then you are all set! As you can see, the game may seem bite-sized at first, but there is a lot of stuff to do and many areas to explore. Future updates with new content will keep us hungry players happy for a long time as well, so I look forward to those!

The game has four characters available at the start the classes are Spellblade, Druid, Witch, and Ritualist. Each has its own attacks and skills, and as you progress in the game you will unlock a further two more playable characters, including the Sun Cultist. You can customize their colors and choose their clans, so feel free to experiment with different characters and clans and see what you like best in each playthrough.

There are sidequests in the game, which can only be triggered by talking to NPC’s. As you talk to NPC’s in the game, you are given clues to help you with your quests, so if at any point in the game you are stuck, it always pays to talk to someone. You never know what you may discover!

The maps are also bite-sized, and once you clear an area, you will automatically be taken to a camp where you can either stargaze, cook, sleep, hunt or be a camp look out. Each of these activities increases your stats, and serve as the game’s leveling system. Not only that, it is also a test of your personality, and you will be awarded traits for whatever activity you choose. At the end of each playthrough, you will be awarded a constellation that matches your personality and traits, and your legend will live on in another playthrough.

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Combat is easy, depending on the character you choose to play, The game is primarily a hack and slash in nature, and you can use your spells for some long range attacks, but keep an eye on your green mana meter! The mana will recharge over time, but your health meter won’t, so as you defeat enemies be on the lookout for the hearts they will drop. Some locations have healing fountains as well that can replenish your health bar, but they can only be used one time per day.

Moon Hunters is a fantastic game and the pixel art graphics is so beautiful. It’s characters, locations, and story grabbed me from start to finish, and I’ve already completed multiple runs for the game can can’t wait to go back to it to play some more! I had an absolutely great time playing the game for my Moon Hunters review, and I highly recommend it. It also includes a Platinum trophy to reward you for your efforts, so what’s not to like?

This review is based on a PS4 copy of Moon Hunters provided by Kitfox Games.

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