[PS4] Layers of Fear: Inheritance Review

by Tracey

Layers of Fear: Inheritance is an expansion to the great Layers of Fear, a psychological horror game, where you control a painter who is psychologically disturbed. Want to find out more about this DLC? Then come read our Layers of Fear: Inheritance review!

As I was saying, in Layers of Fear you control someone as he explores his mansion while attempting to complete his magnum Opus. During said journey, he starts to hallucinate and discovers secrets of his own past. The game is very story and puzzle driven and set in a first person perspective. The game is a thriller, and other than a few proper jump scares, the game tries to push your buttons in a different way.

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Layers of Fear: Inheritance is an expansion story DLC where things pick up a few years after the base game, and this time around the main focus is on the painter’s daughter. The nameless daughter has had some trouble forgiving her father for giving her such a painful and difficult childhood, not to mention the pain he caused her mother.

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To help exorcise her demons, she decides to explore her old childhood home, which is now a dilapidated building. Despite this, you’ll certainly be able to recognize many of the rooms from the base game. As you walk around the house and search each room you will be able to interact with many things that will slowly bring back memories of her mom and dad, and also she will remember her early years growing up with her parents.

During your time with Inheritance, you will experience the same weird phenomenon from the main game that causes the house to twist and turn, making it seem like you’re running around a maze that has a new surprise around every corner.

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Despite all she feels about her father, it is clear from the content in this expansion that she does not hate her father. She wants to understand what tore her family apart, what drove her father to insanity. Without spoiling too much, I can say that you will find a surprise or two in this DLC.

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Layers of Fear: Inheritance is certainly shorter than the main game, and you’ll be able to finish it in 90-120 minutes or so. Luckily, and just as was the case with the game, this expansion offers multiple endings that are triggered depending on your actions during your journey.

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Did you enjoy the base game? If so then you’re going to like this expansion just as much. The story is as deep as the first one, and very interesting. The flashbacks of her fractured relationship with her father will help you piece together the events that unfolded during her younger years. Layers of Fear: Inheritance is a fitting epilogue to the main game. I liked the main game, so I was more than ready to do this Layers of Fear: Inheritance review as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

Have you already tried Layers of Fear: Inheritance? What did you think of the expansion? Let us know in the comments below!

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