[PS4] Pharaonic Review

by Tracey

Pharaonic is a sidescrolling action RPG set in Ancient Egypt. The game requires precision as the enemies are challenging and the bosses are even more so. Defending and parrying are going to become your best friends. Want to learn more? Then read our Pharaonic review!

The Red Pharaoh goes into hiding after Egypt is invaded by the sea people. You a freed by a woman and your mission is to find out what happened to the Red Pharaoh. Most of the story is told via conversations, from which you’ll learn more about what is going on.

Pharaonic is a game with a heavy focus on combat, so it requires precise timing for your attacks – you definitely cannot button wash your way through the game. You have health, stamina, and mana bars. Watching your stamina and health meters is very important as each attack costs you stamina and the attacks you are dealt costs you big chunks of your health bar. You could potentially die from just three hits, which is why defending and parrying are going to be your closest companions. Parrying successfully stuns your enemy paving the way for you to get a hit or two in before they recover.

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Along the way, you will find better armor and weapons to make your adventure a bit easier, but early on it is going to be quite a challenge, and you should prepare to die a lot. You will also learn magic skills so you can attack from a distance, and this will be of big huge help.

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The enemies fall into one of three categories: light, heavy and elite. You can tell which is which just by looking at their build, since the one with the stockiest build is the toughest. Some enemies will also have shields, and the bigger the shield, the tougher it is to take them down.

You can heal up by praying at shrines, and these also serve as the game’s checkpoints and your game is saved. If you die, you will respawn at the nearest shrine, and you will lose some of the EXP you had earned. Once you have found the canteen, it will also automatically refill at shrines.

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Pharaonic allows you to customize the combat to suit your playing style. You can choose light armor which gives you greater speed or heavy armor which allows you to absorb more damage but makes you slower. The same applies to weapons. The lighter your weapon, the more times you can strike but with less damage per hit, while heavy weapons cause more damage, but you can attack fewer times before your stamina runs out.

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In Pharaonic leveling up increases your health, stamina, and mana bars. You can buy skills to help you use a wider variety of weapons and armor and backpacks from vendors throughout the game world. You can make purchases using Shabati Gems, which you can obtain from defeating enemies – but not all enemies will drop the gems. You can also find them in treasure chests and on rare occasions even out in the open world.

The boss battles are very very challenging. Learning their attack patterns is the key to success because they hit hard and if you’re not careful you can die in just a couple of hits. Once you’ve found out what they can and can’t do, make the most of your parry so that you can counter and deal massive damage.

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Enemies and bosses are not the only things you have to worry about, as there are also traps on floors and walls to be wary of and the traps deal huge amounts of damage. The problem with the traps is they are mostly unavoidable, which can lead to needless cheap deaths.

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Pharaonic is a visually stunning game with an art style that just makes everything pop – lots of colors and great attention to detail. I really enjoyed playing the game for my Pharaonic review, even if it’s a challenging release. A full trophy count plus a shiny platinum is yours for the taking if you think you’re good enough to handle the challenge. Are you ready?

This Pharaonic review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Milkstone Studios.

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