New PS4 Slim Bundles Coming Soon

by EdEN, Owner

Sony has announced that they’ll be releasing a new bundle for the new PS4 Slim model on September 15. In fact, if you live in Canada, you get to select between two PS4 Slim bundles! First one is an Uncharted 4 bundle that includes the PS4 Slim, Uncharted 4 and the revised Dualshock 4 controller. You know, the one that now shows the shinning light though the touchpad. As for the second bundle?

The extra Canada bundle will include the PlayStation 4 Slim console, the aforementioned revised Dualshock 4 controller, as well as a copy of NHL 17!

PS4 Slim NHL 17

Both bundles will retail for $299.99/$379.99 CAD, so if you’ve been looking into buying your first PlayStation 4 (or a second one for the house), be sure to take advantage of these bundles since you’re basically getting a game for free!

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