[PS4] DOGOS Review

by Tracey

DOGOS is a 3D open world shoot ’em up with modern graphics fit for this generation of consoles. The indie team at OPQAM has spent a lot of time developing this PlayStation 4 game, and it shows. Read our DOGOS review to find out why we liked it!

DOGOS has a health bar, special weapon pick-ups, large boss fights and score based sections, so everything you like about the shoot ’em up genre is available here. The game presents itself in glorious HD at 1080p and 60fps, which is excellent considering how everything must run smoothly in a shmup.

Since this is an open world release, there’s plenty of things to do during your time with the game. There are specific objectives for each area, for a total of 42 objectives, so you’ll definitely be busy for several extra hours if you want to 100% the game.

DOGOS Review - 1

Like classic shoot ’em up games, you have a primary weapon and a secondary weapon. The primary weapon only attacks airborne enemies while the secondary weapon is for attacking enemies on the ground, such as tanks or military installations. Also, you will get access to special weapon attacks that can take out multiple enemies at once. You better make each shot count since you only get three shots per special weapon!

DOGOS Review - 2

Along with specific level objectives, you also have story objectives to complete, such as defeating the big bad bosses, destroying lava eggs or blowing up enemy buildings, to name a few. In some sections you will have a sort of race-like element as you have to move around narrow caverns at high speeds. They were definitely different from the rest, but I personally didn’t enjoy them.

DOGOS Review - 3

For veterans of the genre, the first handful of areas will feel a bit too easy, but luckily the game feature four difficulty settings in case you are craving a challenge. The best part of DOGOS, since it’s an open world game, is that you can backtrack and find elite enemies and badges, so you’ll always have something to do. There’s also no chance of you getting lost in the game since you can easily access your minimap by pressing the Square button, and your objectives will be marked in red.

DOGOS Review - 4

I had fun during my time with DOGOS. Being a shoot ’em up fan, I was definitely up for playing this one to bring you a DOGOS review, and it’s a new solid entry in a beloved genre. The game includes 15 trophies for you to unlock, and unfortunately there is no Platinum trophy for this one, but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying this new release.

This review is based on a PS4 copy of DOGOS provided by OPQAM.

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