[Accessory Review] G6plus Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

by Ceidz, Owner

I’ve been using my trusty wired earbud earphones while playing on my Vita. I do this either late at night or when next to the kids who are watching TV. I’ve always wanted to see how good wireless earphones really be, so I did some browsing and eventually purchased the G6plus Bluetooth earphones.

Right now I’m actually using both for playing on my Vita and for my phone when I’m running outside (eat your vegetables and exercise every day!). Want to learn more? Then check our G6plus wireless Bluetooth earphones review below!


As I received my new earphones, I opened up the package and saw that it contained the earphones (I chose blue, but it’s also available in green) and a 6-inches micro USB cable. This means that if you want to charge them on a wall outlet, you’ll need an adapter. If you don’t have any at home, you can use the Vita charger block and switch the Vita cable to power the earphones cable.

As for the device itself, it felt sturdy on first inspection. To power it on, the main button on the right ear must be pressed and held for a few seconds – same goes for turning it off. There are also volume buttons next to the power button, but in the case of my time with them while on my Vita, the volume was easier to manipulate using the console itself. However, while running with my phone, using the volume buttons on the earphones was very convenient.

The default ear plug was too big for my ears, but since there are three different sizes included, it was easy for me to find the right one. While running, I noticed that the ambient noise was relatively dimmed, which is great, but I’ve had other earphones that were better at noise canceling.

G6plus Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

Connectivity and performance

I was a little anxious to connect this device to my 4-year-old Vita but luckily connecting the device was as easy as going into Parameters -> Peripherals -> Bluetooth Peripherals -> Then clicking on “Connect” once the Bluetooth earphones are powered on… and that’s it! The connectivity with my phone was similar, and while it’s possible to connect them to two devices at once, I noticed that the sounds chops a little when the secondary devices emit any sound. However, when the Vita goes to sleep (when the power button is quickly pressed to close the screen), the re-connection isn’t automatic, and I had to power cycle the earphones and reconnect the device manually in the parameters.

When playing on the Vita, the connectivity is flawless, and there isn’t a drop off the signal since the headset is relatively close to the emitting device. When I go running outside with it, it felt as if the antenna (located in the right ear) might be too small since the phone is in a pocket in my pants and the sound was choppy. Changing to have the cable in front of my neck instead of behind didn’t help. While running, the best is to have the phone on your right arm using a restraint.

The earphones charges with a standard micro USB in around one hour and thirty minutes, and this gives you around 4 to 6 hours of use when fully charged. The earphones last longer than a Vita gaming session on the battery (3 to 4 hours), so you’ll run out of Vita battery before the earphones need a recharge. The rendered sound is great – the treble is perfectly balanced, but I would have liked to be able to sightly adjust the bass.

G6plus Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

Final Thoughts

Looking for a good Bluetooth earphone piece for your PlayStation Vita? Then for its price and performance, the G6plus is a great option. It was choppy when I was running outside while connected to my phone, so it might not be your best choice for “running” earphones if your phone isn’t on your right arm.

If you like what you read, you can head over to Gearbest.com and order your own G6plus Wireless Bluetooth Earphones!

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