Filthy Lucre Now Available On PlayStation 4

by EdEN, Owner

Manchester based indie team Fabrik Games has released Filthy Lucre on PlayStation 4. This new game is a tactical stealth action game that can be played either by yourself or in co-op mode, both with split-screen and online variants.

Graeme Ankers, CEO for Fabrik Games, had this to say about the game:

You can play Filthy Lucre’s missions in a variety of ways. One option is to stay low in cover and set off distractions that pull guards off their patrol routes to give you an opportunity for a silent takedown, leaving your friend free to grab the loot!

Then of course there is the more direct approach. If you’ve the guts and the grit you can go in and cause a right fuss. You’ll also find additional ammo and different weapons from guards you have taken out.

Alongside the choice of stealth and action another key goal for the game was consequence – for every action there is a reaction. Consequence means your past will catch up with you. During a heist there’s a Heat level that ticks up based on your actions — anything from guards noticing alarms being tampered with, bodies being discovered or reinforcements being called into a firefight. So if you cause a ruckus, expect a response as the game reacts and escalates to your actions. The Heat level never drops in Filthy Lucre; it only ever goes up towards boiling point.

Filthy Lucre - 2

Filthy Lucre - 3

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