Rollercoaster Dreams Out On PS VR On October 13

by EdEN, Owner

Rollercoaster Dreams from Bimboosoft is making its way to PlayStation VR later this year on October 13. As you can tell from its name, this is an amusement park simulator where you can build new parks and play the amusement parks created by other players. This being a PlayStation VR release means that you’ll feel as if you were actually riding each rollercoaster, so you better be ready for it! Check out the trailer below for Rollercoaster Dreams and let us know what you think!

As you know, you can see objects in real 3D with PlayStation VR. But the visual element isn’t the only feature of PS VR that enhances a player’s immersion. PS VR also has awesome 3D virtual surround sound. When you wear headphones you can recognize the position of sounds. I thought it would be impossible to generate sound positions with headphones, but I was surprised to learn that we recognize sound position by differences in sound timing, not the sound wave direction. The virtual surround sound enhances the realistic sensation of the amusement parks in Rollercoaster Dreams.

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