PSN Two-Step Verification is FINALLY Live! (Activate it NOW!)

by Ceidz, Owner

After being announced a few months ago, the PSN Two-Step Verification that was promised for all of us has finally been made available!

If you don’t know what is 2-step verification, here’s the description from the page on

When signing into your account on the network, you will use your password along with a verification code that you will receive on your mobile phone via text. By requiring two forms of identification for sign-in, your account and personal information will be protected.

In short, if someone gets access to your PSN password, and tries to login, you’ll receive a SMS message on your phone. The attacker won’t get access to your account and you’ll know your account is compromised. Time to change your password!

Seriously, activate Two-Step Verification right now, and thank me later!

Here’s the direct link on to enable this feature:

Have you activated this new feature for your PSN account? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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