[PS4] Ninja Pizza Girl Review

by Tracey

Disparity Games is a family business from Australia, and Ninja Pizza Girl is their first rodeo. Ninja Pizza Girl went to Kickstarter in 2014, and the campaign was successful and achieved an extra $3,000 AUD on top of its main goal. Come read our Ninja Pizza Girl review to see how this game turned out!

The game draws from the family’s experiences with bullying and depression. Depression is a very common illness that can strike anyone at any time, and it’s not always down to bad experiences or a bad childhood, but more to do with a chemical in your brain called Serotonin. If its too low it can severely affect your mood. As for bullying, many children from all walks of life are bullied for the sick entertainment of others. This game tries to reach out to victims of bullying, telling them help is out there if they search out for it.

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In Ninja Pizza Girl you play as a girl called Gemma who works in the family pizza business as a delivery girl. Gemma is no ordinary pizza delivery girl since she does her deliveries parkour style! Upon booting, you have a choice of two game modes: Story Mode and Speedrun Mode. In Story Mode, you deliver pizzas to customers in different locations, and while doing so, you secure the various items and collectibles that are scattered around the levels. The collectibles and items offer a huge amount of replayability for the completionist players, as it is pretty impossible to collect everything in one go, especially since you are on a tight time limit.

Ninja Pizza Girl is a score based game. After beating each level you will be given a rank, and you can go back and replay levels at your leisure to try and achieve a better ranking. While doing so, you can collect the remaining items and collectibles you might have missed. There is a huge amount of fun to be had with the game. Along with running and jumping, you can also slide, duck, double jump, wall jump and dive kick. Gemma is bound to get depressed so if you don’t do well, her confidence and mood will take a nosedive. There is a shop that you can purchase trinket at to help make her feel better, like chocolates and game.

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Each level is fairly linear, but you can explore different routes to your destination. The game is all about rhythm and momentum. Since each level is timed, knowing when to duck, jump, wall jump and slide is a must. If done wrong, it can hinder your progress, and you can die from falling from a great height.

At the start and at the end of each level you will get a cutscene which sees Gemma talking to various characters like her brother, her dad or their customers. The cutscenes are in a comic book style, and they look very good! You will be able to see plenty of these cutscenes as Ninja Pizza Girl has six chapters for you to play, each with a different theme and setting.

There are multiple difficulties to choose from, so if you just want to experience the story without too much trouble, you can choose the easiest setting. If you want a greater challenge with a decent combat challenge, you can choose a harder setting.

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The game to some players may feel like a runner game, but it is more along the side of Mirror’s Edge than, say, Temple run. You can stop running at any time, but doing so makes you lose some precious time.

The one thing I loved about the game the most is the way it tries to address bullying. Bullying comes in all forms, be it physical, verbal or mental – online bullying is a very bad thing as well. I liked what the team tried to achieve, and I hope the game helps in some small way. Even if the game just reaches one child and changes his/her life, then it will be a job well done. What did you think of my Ninja Pizza Girl review? Let me know in the comments below!

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