[PS4] Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery Review

by Ceidz, Owner

A Portal to Mystery is the sixth episode in Minecraft: Story Mode, and the first episode in the Adventure Pass extension. With that being said, how does this new episode compares to previous ones? Find it out in our A Portal to Mystery Review!

For the seasoned Minecraft Adventurer! The Adventure Pass gets you access to three new episodes.
With Episode 6 featuring YouTubers CaptainSparklez, Stampycat, StacyPlays, DanTDM, and LDShadowLady.

Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 6 Trailer

This episode begins with the 4-people crew lost in the Hall of Portals, desperately searching for the portal that will lead them to their own world. They enter a new portal figuring nothing could go wrong, and that is when this episode’s adventure begins!

Upon landing, they discover a plain swarming with zombies. While defending themselves from the horde, they discover a book in which they’re asked to meet up a host in a nearby castle. The road isn’t easy because there are a lot of enemies on the way. Speaking of which, this episode’s opening sequence was EPIC! It was action oriented, and it definitely was a BLAST to play. I actually rewinded my save just to give this sequence another go!

Without spoiling anything in this episode, the main topic is a murder mystery, which made me feel like I was playing an animated version of the Clue board game – it was really awesome! This episode also features popular Youtubers CaptainSparklez, Stampycat, StacyPlays, DanTDM and LDShadowLady which definitely changes the mood for the game. It was fun and the voice acting of every character was perfect!

A Portal to Mystery Review

If you remember my Episode 5 review, I said that episode 5 was the best episode of this series yet. Well, after playing episode 6, I’m pretty sure it’s just as good as the previous one. It’s great to see that Telltale’s storytelling is still going great after six episodes in!

On a side-note, the main story (first five episodes) featured a Platinum Trophy, and the three new episodes in the Adventure Pass trophies are all awarded for regular progression, with none of them being missable, which is always great news!


$5.99 (Episode)
$29.99 (Season – episodes 1 to 5)
$14.99 (Adventure Pass – episodes 6 to 8)

PSN Game Size: 750MB


This review is based on a digital copy of Minecraft: Story Mode provided by Telltale Games.

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