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by Ceidz, Owner

Lumo is an adventure game set in an isometric world, which feels like a game that could have released twenty years ago (but with the polish a 21st-century release). Want to find out more? Then come check out our Lumo review!

Lumo – Launch Trailer

As you boot the game, you are offered the choice to do either an Adventure run, in which you have unlimited lives or a Hardcore run in which you have only a limited amount of lives and a timer. Do try the Adventure mode first since you have to be familiar with the game before going all-in unless you’re somehow an isometric puzzle game expert!

As soon as the game start, your character is warped into a castle that has plenty of rooms to explore. You become a wizard that can’t really do anything special until you reach an item that gives you the ability to jump – that’s when the increasing difficulty curve is set into motion. Do take note that you’ll be revisiting the same rooms over and over again as you search for the next place to crack with your newly discovered abilities, so always remember the many pitfalls and hazards out to kill you! Luckily when we die, you get to go back to the beginning of the room – keep in mind that the hardcore play has a limited amount of deaths before completely resetting your adventure!


At first, the world of Lumo will seem relatively accessible and compact, but as you progress you’ll realize how impressively vast the world is- I was surprised when I checked the in-game map to realize how far I had explored! The castle is full of puzzles of various difficulty, and some were truly harder to tackle than the rest – those really make you think before you can crack the solution, but they feel very rewarding when you do!

As for the game’s presentation, this is a visually great release with a charming musical selection that greatly complements the experience. On top of that, the controls work perfectly so whenever you die (and trust me, you’ll die a lot!), you’ll know that it was only due to your own fault and not the game’s.

Final Thoughts
Lumo is an interesting adventure game featuring a lot of collectibles and a pretty big castle to explore. It might not please everyone due to the retro-nature of the title, but I definitely recommend that you play this PS Vita and PS4 charming entry.



Cost: $19.99

PSN Game size: 3.9B

You can purchase Lumo on the PSN right here.

This review is based on a Vita copy of Lumo provided by RISING STAR GAMES.

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