[PS4] Life Goes On: Done to Death Review

by Tracey

Life Goes On: Done To Death is a puzzler in which you have you murder a series of clueless medieval knights through a multitude of trap ridden levels to create a clear path to the Cup Of Life. Your sacrifices are for the greater good! Come read our Life Goes On Review: Done to Death Review to learn more about this clever puzzle game!

Life Goes On: Done To Death is an enjoyable and very funny puzzler. You take control of a set of Knights who one after the other will end up sacrificing their life until one of them can reach the Cup of life. Each Knight has an interesting name such as The Various Marcellus, Expert Count Luigi, Wheezing Maiden Gertrude, The Electric Grand Duchess, Sten The Dull, Grand Duke Matthew, and more, and every new name brought a smile to my face.

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Despite having to complete each challenge with a limited number of Knights to be awarded a better grade, you technically have an unlimited supply of knights, so you can kill as many as you like as you try to find the best solution to the situation at hand.

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Each level is infested with traps. You can, for example, sacrifice a knight on a bed of spikes that is too wide for you to clear in one jump, and then summon another knight with the X button. This will allow you to jump on the dead Knight’s head and land on a safe patch o dirt… until you run into the next trap that could be, say, a fire pit. So to clear that one you make your way to the switch, but to do that, you have to kill another Knight to climb on top of him to reach the upper platform. This cycle repeats during the whole game, and each trap requires a new approach to succeed so that you’re not just killing Knights for no reason!

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The puzzles become a little more head scratching as you progress, but you can replay them as many times as you like to hit your challenge targets. Said challenges are for completing a level within a set time limit, and for completing it by only using a specific number of Knights (or less).

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As you progress, you will need to think a little out of the box, to come up with solutions to solve some of the puzzles. Sure, there is really only one proper solution, but you won’t find it until a lot of trial and error. Each level also has a furball with lots of teeth called Jeff. You ever see the film Critters? Looks identical to them! Cute brown ball of fur that will eat you if you get close enough… but getting eaten by Jeff is a requirement for a trophy, so what’s one more dead Knight added to the count?

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There are over 50 levels across multiple worlds, so there’s lots of funny moments to witness throughout. If you enjoyed Swarm, A- Men, MouseCraft, Lemmings or the very funny 101 Ways To Die, you are in for a treat! There are plenty of challenge related collectibles, and you can unlock various hats for your knights and weapons to spice up the game a bit.

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The trophy list is really interesting, and includes trophies for completing all four worlds, and a very hard one for beating the whole game in one run with no skips or restarts. You will be very happy to know that Life Goes On: Done To Death has a Platinum trophy, so you’ll definitely be spending a lot of time with this one!

Life Goes On: Done to Death is a highly entertaining game, the graphics are great, the death sounds are mesmerizing – especially if you turn it on and listen to the sounds through your DS4 speaker. I had a ton of fun playing the game for my Life Goes On: Done to Death review, and I can’t wait to read how much you’re enjoying this one on your PS4!

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This review is based on a PS4 copy of Life Goes On Review: Done to Death provided by Infinite Monkeys

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