[PS4] Inversus Review

by Tracey

Inversus is a monochromatic minimalist negative arcade space shooter / sorta puzzle game from indie Hypersect. If that didn’t grab your attention, then reading our Inversus review might do the trick!

Inversus is a game that is easy to pick up and play. Your path is white, and you cannot cross the black paths unless you shoot a bullet to clear a path for you to move. The path of your enemies is black and they can’t move until the cover the white tiles in their path with the color black. When you shoot a bullet it will flip the tiles on the board and turns them white.

As you defeat enemies you can pick up the red bullets they drop and shooting a red bullet will destroy all enemies within a blast radius – depending on how many are grouped together you might end up activating a huge combo chain reaction. As you defeat more and more enemies, new ones will spawn at a fast and frantic pace, making you sweat as you try and prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed.

Inversus Review - 3

The game has quite a strong emphasis on strategy, so you’ll always need to look for a way to shoot at the biggest group of enemies thus causing a big explosion, paving the way for you to move until another big group converges on your position. Smile, Rinse and repeat the process as you try and earn yourself the highest score possible.

Because gameplay is so fast and quite frantic, it is important to make sure that every shot count and that always aim for the biggest groups for huge combo points and the biggest possible blast. Every 20,000+ points nets you an extra life and another chance to stay in the game, so a large score is good for you!

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Inversus has two modes for you to play. First up we have Arcade in which you play rounds to unlock maps, and the bigger more points you earn, the quicker you can unlock all maps – it should approximately take about 40 games in total to unlock all six maps. This one mode is quite short since you can probably unlock all maps in around 90 minutes or so. You also have a chance to play in multiplayer either offline or online co-op with your friends, or you can take a crack at it against random online players. Can you survive until the end?

There are only twelve trophies to earn in Inversus, and they’re not particularly hard. The two trophies that will require some work is the one for reaching the max number of lives – which is nine – and getting the max combo – which, again, is nine. Do you have what it takes to 100% the game? How fast can you do it? Can you get on the leaderboard?

Inversus Review - 1

Did I have fun doing my Inversus review? Definitely. The game might seem short, but it has a single player component, an offline and online multiplayer component and leaderboards, so there’s definitely a lot of replay value in this release.

This review is based on a PS4 copy of Inversus provided by Hypersect.

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