Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC Now On PlayStation 4

by EdEN, Owner

As you probably remember, we really liked Layers of Fear from Bloober Team on PlayStation 4. So when they got in touch to mention that they had some very interesting DLC available for the game, you bet we instantly wanted to review it! Check out the trailer for this DLC before, and be ready for our review of Layers of Fear: Inheritance review soon!

Layers of Fear: Inheritance expands the plot from Layers of Fear and tells the story of the painter’s daughter, who comes back to her childhood home to face her past. Lead the daughter through what’s left of the mansion and take part in the madness that her father bestowed upon the whole family. Can she forgive her father, or will she resent all that has happened?

Layers of Fear: Inheritance - 1

That’s definitely a nice way to you a look at this new additional content for the game! We’re currently playing this DLC, and so far it’s exactly what we wanted: more Layers of Fear, more puzzles, more scares and a new look at what happened to the family’s house.

What did you think of the trailer? Have you played the main adventure for Layers of Fear? Let us know in the comments below!

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