BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition Is Coming To PS4!

by EdEN, Owner

Aksys Games has announced that they’ll be doing a Limited Edition boxed set for BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and we’re definitely liking what they’ll be including in the box! This PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 exclusive will be out on November, and along with the game, the BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition includes:

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition

Deluxe Hardcover Art Book — Contains 100 pages of BlazBlue art celebrating the history of gaming’s flashiest 2D fighting series!
Mini Noel Vermillion Nendoroid Figure — Supervised by Toshimichi Mori and forged by the masters at Good Smile. Noel strikes an iconic pose, sure to mesmerize collectors and fans alike!
BlazBlue Song Interlude III Soundtrack — Ten tracks of in-game goodness bound to up your fighting drive!

BlazBlue: Central Fiction - 4

On top of all this, Aksys Games is adding Es, from the Xblaze series, to BlazBlue: Central Fiction… and she’ll be free to download during the first two weeks after the game has released! If you miss out on this you’ll have to pay for Es, so be ready!

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