Want To Check 26 Minutes Of ABZÛ Gameplay On PS4?

by EdEN, Owner

Giant Squid has released ABZÛ on PlayStation 4, making this the first game from the studio! To celebrate the occasion, they have shared a a huge 26 minute gameplay video for the game which you can check below. If after watching the video you get some Journey vibes there’s certainly a reason for that since Matt Nava, Art Director for Journey, and Austin Wintory, the composer for Journey, are part of the Abzu’s team.

ABZÛ is a beautiful, dreamy underwater adventure. Immerse yourself in a vibrant, hidden world that’s bursting with life but beware as you swim deeper – dangers lurk in the mysterious depths.

If the video above doesn’t make you go out and grab the game, then this one is definitely not for you. But if you’re a fan of Journey and want a relaxing experience, buy ABZÛ today!

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