Are You Ready For Week 2 Of The Mid-Year Sale?

by EdEN, Owner

After the excellent selection of games on sale for the first week of the Mid-Year sale, it is now time to dive into the second week! There’s hundreds of PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and even PSP games on sale, not to mention several movies! The discounts are once again massive, with up to 80% for everyone and up to 90% for those with a PlayStation Plus Subscription (which should be most of you reading this!).

If you want to check the full list, it is only one click away. Since the new round of PlayStation Plus games are already live, I went to the webstore and grabbed them all while also purchasing Goat Simulator, Laserlife and Soma for my collection. Goat Simulator is a crazy game, and every now and then I need a crazy, mindless game between reviews to cleanse my palate. Laserlife and Soma I had heard great things about, so I jumped on the chance of getting them at a very solid discount.

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