[PS4] Retsnom Review

by Tracey

Retsnom is a 2D pixel art platformer with interesting gameplay mechanics. The story is about a father who goes to the future to search for a cure for the zombie disease after his daughter becomes infected. He is forced to take a closer look at himself, and he discovers that the zombie infestation was a result of his actions. How is that sounding so far? If you’re interested, read our Retsnom review to learn more!

The main mechanic in Retsnom is the use of mirrors. This allows you to ‘flip’ a 9×9 section of a level from right to left. When you start Level 0, you will notice the level looks backwards and inaccessible – it is these sections of the levels that you can flip to open a path so that you can progress.

If you want to kill zombies, cross big gaps, climb higher or reach things, you can simply flip small sections to your advantage. If you come across a block that stops your progress, simply flip it, and a path will open for you. Making use of the flipping mechanic will get you out of some sticky situations as it helps you to solve puzzles.


As you progress through the game’s 60 levels, the difficulty will ramp up at a steady pace, so you will never feel too overwhelmed. Along the way, you will collect pink stuffed bunnies for your daughter – there is a set number for each level to collect. Some may seem inaccessible, but with your flipping ability, you can surely find a way.

With each new world come ew mechanics. Instead of flipping from right to left, you will be able to flip up and down. Another mechanic is that flipped objects that fade over time, which is ideal for getting rid of obstacles in your path. Simply flip and just wait for them to fade. But it is not as easy as it sounds. If you have flipped to create a bridge because if you are not quick enough to cross, the bridge will fade from under your feet and you will plunge to your death!


The game involves a lot of trial and error, and it is very easy to make mistakes. The camera has very limited movements which can make some of the gameplay a bit difficult if you are not sure what is below and above you. You can only preview 9×9 potential flips, and once you cancel the flip, the camera automatically resets.

Along with the pink stuffed bunnies, you will also need to collect door pieces and a key in order to progress to the next level. They are often out in plain sight for you to grab, but sometimes you may need to use the flip preview to see a little further ahead in case one seems to be out of reach.


The zombies will aimlessly walk around the 2D environments… that is until they spot you and charge at you. Even with their backs to you they just turn and charge at the speed of light giving you no chance to escape, but if you are quick enough you may be able to flip a wall to crush them! Don’t get too close to them is my advice – jump over them, or crush them, but do not put yourself within their reach.

The game is fairly challenging, the graphics are pixel art and polished, and the unique flipping mechanics make the game stand out from the rest. I had a good time writing my Retsnom review, and I hope you give the game a chance!

This review is based on a PS4 copy of Retsnom provided by SOMI.

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