PS4 Games To Look Forward To This Year

by Palabar

For the PlayStation 4, 2015 was a rather mixed bag. It started with a bang and petered out rather poorly as a result of below par releases and many game delays. 2016 promises to be better, as there are some mouth-watering exclusives lined up for throughout the year. We already got the excellent Uncharted 4, so let’s take a look at some 2016 releases that are coming our way.

The Last Guardian
The Last Guardian is a game that has kept many waiting for a very long time. Several people have mocked the game’s delays by showing pre-order receipts from a while ago. This game from Sony is the story of a friendship that forms between a young boy and a huge and mysterious creature known as Trico. The pair establish a strong bond which helps them to survive and navigate the ruins in their world. The story line has all the markings of another stunning and emotionally charged classic from Sony. Some say it will be as intriguing as the recently reviewed N.E.R.O with its lush visuals and strong emphasis on its characters.

In WiLD, you will take the role of a Shaman that can explore a huge world while carving your own path. You will come across lots of animals that can be learned from, tamed and even possessed. This is the game for you if flying like a bird, riding a bear, controlling a rabbit population or owning your own wolf pack.

World of Final Fantasy
This is arguably one of the most adorable games every conceived. In World Of Final Fantasy, you will be in control of siblings Lann and Reyne as they explore the weird world of Grimoire. All the standard mix of Final Fantasy monsters and characters are beautifully represented in a lovely Chibi-manner. The Active Time Battle system deployed in previous games under the franchise makes a return, with an increased focus on exploration and environmental puzzle solving. This is the game to play if you are looking for an adventure.

Pure Hold’Em

Sure, Pure Hold ‘Em from VooFoo Studios and Ripstone Publishing might have released in 2015, but it’s just gotten a MAJOR update that brings with it several new tournament modes, a Steampunk deck card and a lot of balancing and extra content that makes this the best casino experience on PlayStation 4. Digital casino experiences like video poker, paypal casinos and etc, are a great form of entertainment, and with this new massive bunch of content, Pure Hold ‘Em will feel like a new game for many of you, thanks to private and scheduled tournaments, as well as party invites that make setting up a game faster than ever.

This long rumoured Spider-Man title by Insomniac Games is coming exclusively to the PS4 this year. You can expect to enjoy a swinging experience as you control Spider-Man thought a very realistic depiction of Manhattan. There is a host of powerful abilities at your disposal and the standard villains, such as the Green Goblin, Mysterio, and Venom will feature in the game. Fans of the Marvel universe will undoubtedly be pleased with this release!

Resident Evil 7
The newest entry in Capcom’s legendary survival horror franchise is coming to PlayStation 4, and it will also include VR support. There’s a very creepy demo you can try on PlayStation 4 right now, showing yo some of the ideas that Capcom is trying to introduce into the game to take it back to its survival horror roots. They’ve been very clear about how this small slice of the game does not represent what they’re going to do with the full release, but even so, this demo (which many are comparing to the P.T. teaser) does show more promise than the last Resident Evil game.

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