[PS4] Furi Review

by Tracey

Furi is quite a catchy game that is fun to play and great to look at – I haven’t seen such a solid art style, and I instantly fell in love with the title. As for the music, it features some solid electronic tracks that match the action, and that kept me going as I wrote this Furi review.

Furi is one big Boss Rush mode where you play as a nameless white-haired swordsman held captive in prison. You are broken out of prison by a strange man wearing a rabbit mask, and he tells you nothing other than to escape. Your goal is to fight the jailers who try and prevent you from escaping. Upon booting your game you climb a series of steps to your first arena, which will serve as a tutorial. You have a sword and a gun, and you can slash, dodge, shoot and parry your way to freedom. The tutorial doesn’t teach you everything, so you will have to go through some trial and error to learn more as you go.

Furi Review - 1

Each boss has multiple phases, represented as little orange boxes underneath the life bar. The battles are intense and can be quite long. Your only option to succeed is to learn their attacks and memorize them,. Sure, you may lose on your first try, but it’s all about learning when to dodge, parry and of course attack at the right moment.

Between boss fights, you have the walking segments which serve as ‘break time’ from all the action. The boss battles are long and very intense, and they can take somewhere between 15 minutes to an hour depending on your skill and how well you can memorize their tactics. You can use this downtime to explore the awesome neon environments as you learn a bit more about the protagonist’s life from the rabbit masked man. The attention to the environment’s detail is absolutely stunning.

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Each of the boss fights can be a bit frustrating if you’re not careful, but a hard and challenging game is what The Game Bakers wanted to create, and a hard and challenging game is what we are getting. The game offers three difficulty settings. Promenade is the easiest setting, and it’s a perfect setting if you just want to enjoy the story and not engage in long, drawn-out battles.

There is a caveat, though: you cannot earn any trophies while playing on this setting – which I think is a bit harsh. The standard difficulty is Furi, which is a balanced experience that is a bit challenging, and yes, you can absolutely earn trophies in this setting. The last difficulty is unlocked at the end of the game and is called Furier, which is basically hardcore mode. Completing the game on the Furier setting (and earning and S rank) will probably the last step towards adding a shiny Platinum trophy to your collection… if you can last that long!

Furi Review - 3

The Game Bakers did a great job on the game, and the premise of the game is very interesting. I absolutely loved the music, and the graphics are gorgeous – the brilliant cel-shaded neon art style and electronic music is a fantastic combination. As you’ve seen from my Furi review, the game will provide you with a big challenge every step of the way, but that’s exactly what I expected going into this gamer. I had a lot of fun, and I definitely recomend you get this game.

Furi Review - 4

For the month of July, Furi is part of the selection of free PS+ games, so be sure to add it to your collection before it is too late since from August and on the game will retail for $24.99!

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