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by Tracey

Enter The Gungeon is an isometric gunfight roguelike dungeon crawler, about a band of misfits out on a mission to find the legendary weapon and kill the past. That definitely caught my attention! Read our Enter The Gungeon review to see why this is a must-have PS4 release.

Enter The Gungeon is an excellent gun toting dungeon crawler that is highly addictive, offering lots of replayability thanks to the randomization of the dungeon layouts. The game also has that all important “one more go” factor in place. I assure you that you’re going to love this game regardless of being a fan of roguelikes or not!

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The aim of the game is to clear out each room of enemies using any means necessary, including kicking explosive barrels at the enemies, flipping tables for cover, hiding behind bookcases for protection, and unloading a massive amount of bullets at everything that moves.

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The four main Gungeoneers you can choose from are: the Convict, who uses a budget revolver and a sawed-off shotgun; the Hunter, who uses a rusty side arm and a crossbow; the Marine, who uses a sidearm; and the Pilot, who uses the rogue special. There is also the Cultist, which is a character for co-op only. Each Gungeoneer also has its own set of passive abilities. For example, the Pilot has the lockpick ability that can be used once per floor. The Marine has an improved armor, which means he can take more damage. The Convict has an enraging photo that allows it to deal more damage. The Hunter has a dog to help clear out a room of its treasure. I felt quite comfortable with the Pilot, so I spent several of my sessions playing with this character.

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Each layout has multiple rooms to explore and loot to find, and every room is full of enemies to shoot at. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes, some are big and mean and take many hits, while some are small and weak and take very little to destroy. There’s also blobs that can multiply, and those will definitely prove to be a challengethere is countless types of enemies to kill. once you have cleared out a room, the doors to the adjacent rooms will unlock, and any money dropped by enemies will automatically go to you once the room is cleared. Rinse and repeat for every room until you find the room with the boss – but before you fight the boss, make sure you find the shopkeeper to replenish your hearts if you have enough money!

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The game has a lot of guns for you to collect. You’ll find them in treasure chests that are brown, blue, red, green, black and rainbow. The brown ones aren’t worth your time, but the other chest colors have better stuff. Not every single chest will have a gun, and some will have accessories which can greatly help you. You will need keys to open the chests, and you will automatically get one at the start of every game, but getting more through natural gameplay is quite hard. Shop keepers do sell keys for 25 gold, so be sure to stock up when possible! The weapons you obtain during your games are random. In one game you may get a shotgun, in another, you may get a machine gun, It certainly keeps the game exciting, not knowing what gun you will get next. The bad news is that when you die, you lose everything you had.

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The game has some EPIC bosses, and they are also random. In one playthrough you may get the Gatling Gull, who is an absolute pain to beat, or you may end up with The Trigger Twins who I find quite easy as a boss. It will take you a while to find every single boss to defeat, so there is never a dull moment when playing Enter The Gungeon.

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Enter the Gungeon is a lot of fun to play, and it will keep busy for hours as you try to get all the available trophies – and yes, this one does include a Platinum trophy! And just so you know, you’ll easily be spending over 100 hours during your Platinum run, so be ready! I was never bored as I played for my Enter the Gungeon review, and I’m sure you’ll be enjoying every minute of your time with this one. I highly recommend giving the game a go.

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This review is based on a PS4 copy of Enter the Gungeon provided by Devolver Digital.

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