[PS4] Aliens vs. Pinball – Alien: Isolation Pinball Review

by Tracey

After doing a review for the Aliens Pinball table, it is now time to dive into the Alien: Isolation pinball table. I loved the PlayStation 4 game from which this table takes its inspiration, so I was definitely more than ready to write this Alien: Isolation Pinball review!

This table is all about Amanda Ripley as she tries to escape the Sevestapol station, which was the main location of the Alien: Isolation video game (available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4) The table recreates the atmosphere of sevesapol station, it is clean and minimalist in style.

Alien: Isolation Pinball Review - 1

This table is a hide and seek type of table, much like the Alien: Isolation game was. Amanda Ripley, who is Ellen Ripley’s daughter, can hide in the cabinet when the mode is triggered, and she can use a flamethrower to get away form the xenomorph – but you will need to trigger specific modes to refill her ammo. Also, in order to unlock the flamethrower you must so do by way of some missions, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Alien: Isolation Pinball Review - 2

The animations are pretty great here in one section you will see the Xenomorph physically attack Amanda and she manages to escape and hide in a vent. First class animations and the eerie sounds are great too. The voice acting is very good too. The table was fun, but out of the entire tri Aliens vs Predator is a favourite. This triple pack is available on the store right now with the cross-buy feature, pick a platform and get the other two copies at no extra cost.

Zen Pinball 2 is a Free-To-Play game which means only the base game is free. To get the most of the game you have to purchase the tables individually and there is more than 50 to enjoy with well over 100 trophies including a platinum to earn. Enjoy!

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