[PS4] 7 Days To Die Review

by beastxjason

7 Days to Die is a survival crafting game that initially got it’s funding through a Kickstarter for a release on PC – it has been on Steam Early Access for a while now. This is not your typical Minecraft – the game uses a Blood Moon mechanic where every 7 days, said phenomenon occurs, and a horde is sent to your base to test your build. Want to learn more about the game? Then check our 7 Days to Die review!

Right off the bat, you’re going to notice the extremely short view distance. There were numerous times when I ventured away from my base only to turn around and see it had vanished. You literally have to be within 40 yards to have objects appear in the frame. This makes for some very annoying PvP as you can’t see the guy until he is practically on you.

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7 Days to Die Texture - 2

Textures look good from a few feet away, but move any closer, and everything becomes muddy and illegible. You can chalk it up to your character being near sighted, but that doesn’t make the muddy textures – as seen below – any better.

7 Days to Die Textyre

Co-op is where the fun is, but most users are complaining about the MP servers crashing. In my first 7 hour session, I hosted a MP map with no drops or loss of connection. I do have the required ports open on my router for the PlayStation 4 to use, so that could be the issue most users are running into. I did not have a single crash or freeze, but the game does do a micro pause every now and then to save all the changes done via terraforming, which can get a bit annoying.

7 Days To Die - 2

You have two choices for maps. One is handcrafted by the developers, and the other is always randomly generated with towns and military outposts. The latter tends to make for mostly barren spots of land with little or nothing to do, so be sure to stick with the city map.

7 Days To Die - 3

I simply cannot fully recommend the game in its current state. This 7 Days to Die review has shown you that The Fun Pimps has a great title that will sell great on consoles once it is in a proper finished state. If you are comfortable with buying an unfinished title that lacks the polish you’d expect from a final release, then by all means buy it.

7 Days To Die - 4

This review is based on a PS4 copy of 7 Days to Die provided by Telltale Publishing.

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