Juri Finally Joins Street Fighter V Tomorrow!

by EdEN, Owner

July is almost over, but there’s still one more PSN update coming our way tomorrow, and that means it’s the perfect time to have Juri join the fight in Street Fighter V! Her look has definitely changed between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V, so come check her out!

For reference, this is what Juri used to look in Street Fighter IV:

Street Fighter V

And this is what she looks like in the latest entry in the long-running fighting series:

Street Fighter V - Juri 3

Definitely seeing some big changes in her character design, right?

Street Figther V - Juri 2

Introduced in Super Street Fighter IV, Juri is a provocative S.I.N. agent from South Korea who goes by the codename of “Spider” and worked under Seth. Juri is a sadistic fighter who enjoys violence and loves tormenting her prey, with a tendency to get involved in anything she deems as fun or dangerous. Fueled by hatred of Shadaloo and M.Bison for the murder of her parents, Juri joined S.I.N. to seek revenge and doesn’t care who she has to annihilate to achieve her goals.

On top of getting Juri tomorrow, players will also be able to purchase some new Premium Summer Costumes for some of the Street Fighter V cast. Each one costs $3.99, and they are for Cammy, Laura and Ibuki, as you can see from the screens below.

Street Fighter V Premium Summer Costumes - 3

Street Fighter V Premium Summer Costumes - 2

Street Fighter V Premium Summer Costumes

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