Headlander Coming To PS4 On July 26

by EdEN, Owner

Headlander from developer Double Fine and publisher Adult Swim Games is making its way to PlayStation 4 very soon! How soon? July 26 soon! In this side-scrolling action-adventure you’ll control a head inside of a space helmet. Yes, only a head. Luckily you have a rocket booster at your disposal! As you can imagine, this opens the door to many interestingly weird scenarios that we definitely look forward to playing. Check out this quirky game’s trailer below to learn more!

The game world is a huge sprawling network that all kicks off in the Pleasure Port, a futuristic space resort where Citizens relax in locations like the Fondlarium and Boob Tubery while Shepherds patrol and keep the peace. Each Shepherd has color-coded security clearances so bouncing from one body to another becomes crucial to traversing the game’s world. Additionally, with each Shepherd body step up the ROYGBIV color spectrum, your lasers will become more powerful and bounce an additional time off walls. Violet lasers in close quarters can be challenging to maneuver around when you’re just a head!

Headlander II

What did you think of the game’s trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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