Emily Wants to Play – Coming On August To PS4

by EdEN, Owner

SKH Apps is busy preparing Emily Wants to Play for an August release on PlayStation 4. If you’re into freaky “jump-scare” games, then you’re going to love the game’s trailer below!

Players control a pizza delivery person who is trapped by Emily and her dolls on his last delivery of the night. Throughout the night, players must survive while exploring the house to uncover the eerie story of Emily, her strange parents, and the even stranger dolls. Emily Wants to Play scares most players almost immediately. But, if players are brave enough to continue, they are treated to a survival strategy showdown between the pizza guy and Emily and the dolls.

Shawn Hitchcock, founder and developer at SKH Apps, had this to say about the game’s setting:

The environment in the game, the house, is actually my childhood home in New Orleans. It was a very old house where several bizarre and traumatic occurrences took place. I wasn’t going to use it at first, but as I drew it out on paper, I realized the layout was perfect. The layout of the house really worked great in combination with the strategic elements that occur later on in the game.

We’re definitely looking forward to this release, and hope to be able to bring you a review close to its launch!

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