Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space Has Been Updated

by EdEN, Owner

Tracey had a lot of fun with ADIOS (Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space), and we’re happy to report that the game has received a sizable update that is being called the Potted Plant update. This update is being released after taking into consideration the feedback received from players, basically offering a chance for new players to find a more accessible game while, at the same time, giving hardcore fans a deeper experience. Oh, and it’s free!. As for what’s included in this update, the Potted Plant contains:

– An updated camera that greatly improves navigation in asteroid belts
– New camera controls: Press L1 to toggle between auto and manual zoom
– A new spaceship, configured to better suit inexperienced players
– Potted plants!
– Property descriptions for the different space ships and astronauts on the customization screen
– A new set of discoverable Mass Amplification Devices to extend your wardrobe
– A monolithic mystery
– New forms of life that Rock n’ Roll
– Improved sound quality
– Bug fixes
– Secrets!

Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space - 2

Have you already played Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space? Did you like it as much as we did? Is there something you’d change about the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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