Week 1 Of The Mid-Year Sale Is Here!

by EdEN, Owner

Are you ready to save big this week? Then you’re going to love the Mid-Year Sale which has just put over 100 titles on sale with a discount of up to 80% for everyone, and of up to 90% for those of you who have a PlayStation Plus subscription (which should be almost all PS4 owners since you need a PS+ subscription for online gaming!). Huge hits such as the recent DOOM are available at a massive discount, and considering this sale offers PS4, PS3, Vita and PSP games, there’s definitely a game or two (or ten!) you might want to grab before the sale ends.

The full list of the sale can be checked right here.

I’m thinking about grabbing a couple of RPGs on PS4 and Vita, as well as maybe an action game or two. I also had a lot of fun with Telltale Games’ episodic release for Back to the Future, so I might grab it on PlayStation 4 since it’s only $7.99 with my PlayStation Plus subscription… and it comes with a Platinum trophy!

Did you end up buying something at the first week of the Mid-Year Sale? Let us know in the comments below!

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