Uncharted 4 Lost Treasures DLC MP and Patch 1.08 Out Now

by EdEN, Owner

Naughty Dog has announced that they’ve released Patch 1.08 for Uncharted 4 (a patch that is 1.3 GB) that will improve and change a lot of things for the game! On top of that they’ve also released Lost Treasures, a DLC Multiplayer pack for the game. Check out the Lost Treasures Multiplayer DLC at the video below, as well as the list of all the things included in Patch 1.08!

P90 – A full auto submachine gun with a very large magazine
Arrowhead A3c – A full auto long range variable rifle (choose to scope in or not)
Enforcer G26 – Semi-auto very fast rate of fire pistol
Agarwal .40 – Semi-auto hard-hitting 40-caliber pistol
Harbinger Sniper – A Heavy Weapon sniper gun


Enhanced Radar – increases the range of radar and show directional arrows for enemies
Gunslinger – swap weapons faster and reload faster while rolling
Hardened – reduced damage wobble
Gifting – give allies a full gear recharge
Path of Indra – teleport to any ally

Vanity Items
In addition to new gameplay items, we have also introduced a wide variety of Vanity items for all our beloved characters.
Over 50 new Skins and Pre-Sets
Over 70 new Hat and Face Wear items
An assortment of new Taunts and Weapon Skins

The stuff above is just a preview of everything that is now available for Uncharted 4, so be sure to click right here to check all the relevant information!

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