Team Official Invitation Joins THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV

by EdEN, Owner

Atlus is showing us a new trailer for THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV. This time the focus is on a new trio of characters that are joining the roster! It’s name is Team Official Invitation, because they are personally invited to join the fight by billionaire Antonov. In case you don’t know, he is the one hosting THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV tournament.

Here’s the official information about the new characters, straight from Atlus:

So what does a crack team of ultimate fighters look like? First up is Sylvie, a former member of the shadowy NESTS organization, whose modified body allows her to unleash electrical attacks on opponents. While those powers are deadly on their own, what makes her so dangerous is the fact that she’s as nutty as a fruitcake. Apologies, they call that “being quirky” nowadays right? Just look at her crazy eyeball-themed outfit and completely unpredictable attacks!

Next up is Kukri, the mysterious hooded underground fighter whose gritty personality compliments his ability to wield sand. I mean, just imagine fighting someone who constantly attacks with pocket sand and multiply that by a thousand to get Kukri.

Lastly, we’ve got the magnificent Mian who turns every fight into a performance worthy of the Chinese Opera. She’s skilled at Bian Lian — the art of face-changing — and her attacks involve a lot of graceful and vigorous dance moves.

We’re definitely taking a liking to the new cast of characters for the long-running series. We can’t wait to see if they’ll be adding a surprise or two down the road as well!

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