[PS4/Vita Double Review] SteamWorld Heist Review

by the_nmac

In the depths of space, the SteamWorld survives. Loot and plunder enemy ships as space meets wild west in our SteamWorld Heist review!

In SteamWorld Heist you command a steam-driven pirate crew in a series of epic tactical shootouts. It’s turn-based strategy with a twist: You manually aim the guns of your robots, allowing for insane skill shots and bullet-bouncing action!

As the captain you will board, loot and shoot your way through enemy spaceships. Overcome the challenges of the vast frontier by upgrading your recruits with unique abilities, weapons – and even stylish hats!

SteamWorld Heist – HD Launch Trailer

This is a double review for the PS4 & Vita versions of SteamWorld Heist. The game was played on PS4 by the_nmac and on Vita by Ceidz. This review presents what they both had to say.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to review SteamWorld Dig on PS4, which I loved. Now it’s spiritual sequel has arrived with a unique way to continue the series… in space.

The first thing to talk about is the change from a fun platformer with Metroidvania elements to a 2D tactical turn-based shooter. The world contains the same great art style and spirit of the first game, with a new twist.

While the gameplay is completely different, Image & Form has managed to still deliver a very good and fun game. The goal here is that you need to take your motley crew in space and stop evil doers around the galaxy. The game’s mixture of wild west and space actually reminded me of Firefly… go watch Firefly right now if you haven’t!

As for the game, you find enemy ships, assemble a boarding crew and then the fun begins. Board the ship, start taking out the bad guys, loot the ship for all the new weapons and items littered throughout it. Once you’ve finished a level, you can take items back to the ship and equip and sell them or buy more items. It’s a rewarding gameplay loop that keeps you coming back for more.

All the characters in your crew have special moves that can be implemented as well during your adventure, and they will unlock as you gain experience and level up (along with some boosts to your stats!) For example, Piper can inspire nearby crew members, and Ivanski can make himself invulnerable for one turn, serving as a mighty tank to save the day. Learn the advantages of each crew member and make the most of them in battle. Always bring a balanced crew to a fight!

First of all, I want to state that SteamWorld Heist is my first experience with the SteamWorld universe. Due to all the fun I had, I definitely want to try SteamWorld Dig now!

During your downtime, you’ll be visiting crew members in your spaceship, having some small talk as you find out new information on each of them. When you’re ready, you can selected your destination and get on with the action. SteamWorld Heist (procedurally) generates new enemy ships every time you select a heist, so the gameplay always stays fresh!

Once on a ship, you can navigate through the different section using the characters from your crew. As you open doors and progress in the ship, enemies will “wake up” and proceed to attack you. Your characters can hide behind different objects in the environment and strategically eliminate the enemies one by one in a turn-based manner, a gameplay mechanic that was really easy to get the hang of.

Before each new mission, we can select which characters will follow us, and equip them as needed. The inventory management is very well designed and easy to use, and I liked how the game suggests you to change your equipment before starting each mission. Always bring the best equipment for the job, because some levels might need you to brin extra bombs to do massive damage while others will require you to bring healing items so that you can outlast your opponents.

I played on the PS Vita, and SteamWorld Heist is a pretty fluid experience, in which the framerate never drops. There’s also almost no loading time so the game is as fast as can be on this portable platform! I played on the normal difficulty and thought it was very fair and playable, but if

Final Thoughts
SteamWorld Heist is a very fun game that features gameplay that stays fresh even as the game progresses. We liked the spiritual successor to SteamWorld Dig, and definitively recommend that you play it on Playstation 4 or Vita. And since we both had a blast doing this SteamWorld Heist review, we’ll soon be bringing you a new double review on The Outsider, the DLC for the game!



PSN Game size:
PS4- 250 MB
Vita- 392 MB

You can purchase SteamWorld Heist from the PSN.

This review is based on PS4 & Vita digital copies of SteamWorld Heist provided by Image & Form.

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