[PS4 Platformer] No Time To Explain Review

by Tracey

No Time To Explain is a 2D Shooter/Platfomer. You play as a nameless protagonist who goes back in time to warn his past self to follow because, well, because there is no time to explain. You must the use past selft to rescue future self. Come read our No Time To Explain Review to learn more about this crazy fun game!

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The game is weird but fun, giving us a minimalist shooter/platformer with a very easy to understand control system – all you do is run jump and shoot. But the game itself is anything but easy! The difficulty spike will hit you hard and won’t let go until the end, so trial and error will carry you to your goal.

There is a lot of frustration packed into this game, but that was to be expected just from seeing the game’s trailer. The colorful environments are full of bottomless pits, deadly hazards and enemies ready to tear you to pieces, and you’ll like it!

No Time To Explain

The game’s main mechanic is that when you shoot your gun, you will also be sent into the opposite direction of where you’re aiming, and if you time things right, you’ll be able to clear long distances in a blink. Running, aiming your gun downwards and a bit to your left and catching some air is a very fun way to move around each level, and you’ll definitely be using this when facing each of the game’s bosses because of their crazy move and attack patterns. If you’re a fan of Super Meat Boy or the recently released Fenix Furia, then you’re going to love No Time To Explain!

No Time To Explain - 2

As is to be expected, you will die a lot during your time with the game as you try to find the best way to reach the level’s exit. There’s usually more than one route to take, and searching high and low in each level will allow you to find some bonus hats that will open the way for some trophy hunting.

No time To Explain - 3

I had a lot of fun writing my No Time to Explain review, and playing this game has definitely made me a bit better at superhard platformers, so I’m definitely looking forward to the next game to test my skills! The game’s tight gameplay mechanics, solid level design and very challenging levels and bosses are something you have to experience on your own to really appreciate how the hard work of Tiny Build Games has been worth it.

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