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by Ceidz, Owner

My Night Job is a 16-bits Rogue-like brawler in which you must clear a mansion of all the enemies that are roaming around. Is this a game you should add to your PlayStation collection? Come read out our My Night Job review to find out!

Black night, an abandoned mansion and a bunch of monsters. Sounds like the perfect job. Players will have to use a a variety of weapons to save their skin and master the challenge of leading survivors to safety, while also defending the building from invaders. They can use more than 60 weapons, from vases and floor lamps to chainsaws, shotguns and ginormous hammers. If the monsters thrash too many rooms or the player’s health bar runs out, only an entry in the highscore list will remain of you.

My Night Job – Trailer

As the game begins, we are introduced to the controls by following a very clever tutorial that asks us to complete actions in order to proceed to the main game. Once the tutorial is completed, we can go on our first mission.

At first, I was a little confused as to how to navigate the map since the mansion is open, and we can go everywhere in it, destroying enemies as we proceed. The ultimate goal is to go through the whole mansion to rid the different locations of all enemies there while saving the good folks. The enemies can be punched – Double Dragon style – but the true fun of the game is when you scavenge the environment to find useful tools and then hit the enemies with them! There are a ton of different “weapons” that can be found and each has a different attack power and durability, so you need to keep this in mind so that you make the most of them.

My Night Job

As you visit each location in the mansion, you have to save all the people. You can only carry a few at the time, and they all have an independent life bar which gets depleted as enemies hit them. Time is an issue here because not only do the people need to be saved, but if you don’t run through the different rooms you’ve already visited, enemies will keep spawning, and they’ll eventually make the room explode. When this happens, not only do all the hostages in this room will die, but you’ll also lose access to a useful path through the mansion, requiring you to use alternate (and longer) paths. You will game over if you lose your life or if you loose too many rooms and people.

As you can see in the trailer above, My Night Job uses a 16-bits art style that is quite well done. It also uses a PS4 feature that isn’t used a lot: the PS4 controller’s speaker! This is one of the highlights for me since it is used great.

My Night Job

My Night Job is a fun brawler to play but eventually it got a bit repetitive around the end, but the same can be said of all entries in the genre. So if you’re a fan of this genre and want a dose of action, then give it a try!


Cost: $7.99

PSN Game size: 450MB

You can purchase My Night Job on the PSN right here.

This review is based on a PS4 digital copy of My Night Job She Wants Me Dead provided by Bitcomposer Game.

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