[PS4] Deadlight: Director’s Cut Review

by Tracey

Deadlight: Director’s Cut is set in 1986, in post-apocalyptic Seattle Washington. You play as Randall Wayne, a lone Survivor looking for his wife, Shannon, and his daughter, Lydia. Are you ready to learn more about this thrilling game? Then come check out our Deadlight: Director’s Cut Review!

The game is a 2D survival horror platformer from Tequila Works. This is a remastered release of Deadlight with improved graphics plus a new mode called Survival Arena, taking the action to Sony’s current-gen PlayStation 4.

Randall Wayne’s primary goal is to platform his way to the ‘Safe Zone,’ a location that is free of zombies where he thinks his wife and daughter could be waiting for him there. During his journey to the safe zone through the three acts (Welcome to Seattle, Hunters, and The New Law), he will not only fend off the walking dead, but also a group of vigilantes who have made themselves the ‘authority’ of Seattle. They don’t like it when you say no to them!

Deadlight Directors Cut - 1

Right from the start, I should tell you the game is a bit short, and you could end up completing it in around 4-5 hours. The first act is the easiest – and the shortest – since it introduces you to the mechanics of the game. The second act is where the story start’s to beef up a bit, and the final act is definitely very interesting. I really can’t say more without spoiling the story, but I do want to mention that even though it is a bit slow to start it is most certainly worth it.

Deadlight Directors Cut - 2

When you first boot up the game, you find out that Deadlight takes place 145 days after the very first patient was infected with the “zombie” disease, and you will witness Randall Wayne shoot a member of his party in the head after she was bitten and was about to turn. I think It would have been a good idea to go back further and find out how the disease started 145 days ago. Maybe some day in the future the team could do an expansion, something similar to what Telltale did with their 100 days DLC.

Deadlight Directors Cut - 3

The mechanics are simple: Randall cannot swim, so keep away from high waters, but he can push and pull things to get to higher places. There are a variety of contraptions he can use to kill zombies such as switches to start electrical appliances, drop cars on hordes, kick doors, cut padlocks with an axe, hit switches with a slingshot and he can even taunt or lure zombies with the triangle button which is a perfect tool to send a zombie to its death!

There are a ton of collectibles to find, with 60 diary pages, 40 dev art concepts, 11 videos and 3 collectible handheld consoles! So far I have only managed to find one of the handhels and found out it is an actual playable game you can access in the options menu! The one I found was a music game where which you have to catch notes and score as many points as you can. It was an interesting feature I liked it since it even has a trophy attached to it for beating a score of 30, which is very was since I did it on my first try!

Deadlight Directors Cut - 4

New to the Director’s Cut is the Survival Arena Mode, which is kind of like and endless mode where you have to survive waves of walking dead. In this mode, pick-ups are very important if you want to survive so be sure to make the most of the ammunition, molotov cocktails and other stuff you’ll find, not to mention the new weapons like the machine gun and sniper rifle. There are trophies for surviving 5 minutes, 10 minutes and so on, so you need to be quick and fast and make any weapons and ammo you find count, saving the bombs for when you really need them. Survival Arena mode also includes a leaderboard with rankings based on how long you survived. Your timer is at the top of the screen so last as long as you can to aim for the top spot on the leaderboards!

Deadlight Directors Cut - 5

Deadlight: Director’s Cut is quite slow to start but once it does it gets quite good. The graphics are great, the game includes a Platinum trophy, and the Survival Arena Mode is a nice extra for this remastered release. The game might be short, but the handful of hours I spent with the game’s campaign for my Deadlight: Director’s Cut review where well worth it, so I definitely recommend you give this one a go.

This review is based on a copy of Deadlight: Director’s Cut provided by Deep Silver.

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