[PS4] Bounce Rescue Review

by Tracey

Bounce Rescue from Bitecore is a bright and colourful, cartoony platformer. Want to learn more? Then comre check out our Bounce Rescue review!

You are a member of the Bounce Rescue team, and you play as either a blue fur ball called Bobby or a pink furball called Wilma. Apart from the gender, there are no differences between the two, since both do exactly the something so feel free to choose either character. Your mission is to stop the Evil Devil and rescue the other members of the Bounce Rescue team as you save the world in the process.

Like a classic platformer, each level is full of enemies and traps. The character you chose is armed with a baseball bat so that you can hit enemies with it. You can also bounce on them (hence the name of the game), and use them to reach higher platforms.

Bounce Rescue - 1

Between you and each level’s exit, you’ll also find a lot of obstacles and hazards such as spikes, rotor blades, disappearing platforms, falling icicles and much more. The obstacles are a minor annoyance in normal mode, but in Impossible mode, the challenge will ramp up considerably.

Speaking of that, Bounce Rescue has three difficulty settings. Easy mode gives you infinite lives, so you can die as much as you like with no penalty. Normal mode is the standard mode for this game. The final one is Impossible mode which I would only recommend for those gamers that crave a good challenge.

Bounce Rescue - 2

Each level is timed, and you are awarded three stars based on how well you complete a level. This includes collecting all crystals, coins and not dying, which is not as hard at it sounds. I never had a problem achieving all three stars in all levels, but Impossible mode is a different story!

Bounce Rescue - 3

Bounce Rescue also offers three multiplayer modes so if you have spare controllers, why not play Bounce Rescue with others? The extra modes are classic fan favorites that we have all seen in a lot of games: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Survive. There is a lot of fun to be had with these bonus options!

Bounce Rescue is a highly addictive and charming game, with very pleasing visuals. Gameplay is fun and will appeal to the whole family. If you need a challenge, you can dive right into Impossible mode from the start, but be warned that your skills will be tested every step of the way!

Bounce Rescue - 4

This review is based on a PS4 copy of Bounce Rescue provided by Bitecore.

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