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Prison Architect Now Available On PS4 |

Prison Architect Now Available On PS4
EdEN, Owner

Double Eleven has released Prison Architect on PlayStation 4 so that you can all enjoy it on Sony’s home console! We’re currently working on a review for the game (it’s been fun so far!) and we’ll have that for you very soon, but for now be sure to check the game’s launch trailer as well as a set of new screens straight from Double Eleven!

Built for consoles, Prison Architect is the world’s best lock `em up where you are the warden of a maximum security prison. With all-new maps and wardens to choose from, what kind of warden will you be? A rehabilitator or a for-profit capitalist who sees inmates as profit-makers? How you build and run your prison is entirely up to you.

Prison Architect - 6}

Prison Architect - 5

Prison Architect - 4

Prison Architect - 3

Prison Architect - 2

Prison Architect - 1

We’re definitely liking what we’ve played so far of Prison Architect, and can’t wait to see how much chaos (I mean good, how much good!) we can do with this particular game. Have you already downloaded Prison Architect?