Ibuki Enters The Fight In Street Fighter V

by EdEN, Owner

Are you enjoying Street Fighter V? Capcom has announced that ninja extraordinaire Ibuki will soon be joining the cast of Street Fighter V as a new DLC character! She’s been part of the series since the third game in the franchise, so seeing her here is not a big surprise, but definitely one I welcome. Check the reveal trailer below and let us know what you think!

Ibuki has been trained in the deadly art of ninjutsu from an early age in a village located in the mountains of Japan and is often seen with her pet tanuki — Don — and her best friend Sarai Kurosawa. She is constantly tasked with difficult missions and rigorous training and dreams of one day finishing her ninja exams, leaving all this behind to live a life of a normal schoolgirl.

I remember when I first tried Ibuki back when Street Fighter III was released almost 10 years ago. She’s definitely a very fast-paced character with a lot going on, and now in Street Fighter V there’s a new twist added to her move set: she can only carry five kunai at a time! If you use all five, you’ll need to get another set, but on the plus side, if you want to do a lot of damage in an instant you can use all five kunai at once. Big gamble, big payoff!

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